Campus-Wide Solutions

Academic organizations can change the way that they procure and deploy simulation software through a campus-wide solution. The program helps to consolidate curriculum tools, reduce software procurement and IT costs, expand simulation scope, and increase research innovation.

The one-vendor solution has a great number of advantages, including:

  • Reduced overall software costs
  • Better-quality student experience: access to powerful simulation tools that are used by professionals across the global engineering field
  • Consistent student experience across disciplines
  • Ability for cross training
  • Ability to blend separate disciplines to create entirely new fields, such as mechatronics and microsystems
  • Manageable, lower-overhead process when adding multiple products
  • Reduced learning curve for teaching and research innovation exploring multiphysics
  • More efficient course development
  • Better-quality research for attracting grant funding
  • Simulation software product license options
  • Sponsorship and partnership opportunities
  • Training, support and curriculum development

To learn more about the ANSYS Academic products, pricing or the availability of campus-wide solutions, fill out the contact form, telephone (U.S.) 408.732.4665, or send email.