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Message From Your Channel Partner

We are very excited with new ANSYS product portfolio; a brand new physics, optics, has been added. Feel free to contact us if you would like to hear more about it; we can visit your company and give a presentation on how we can simulate anything related to light; applications include, but not limited to, […]

Deduct 100% of the Cost of Your 2018 ANSYS Purchase

Your company can leverage IRS Section 179 to write off fully 100% of the purchase price of qualifying software purchased before 12/28/18.  All businesses that purchase, finance, and/or lease off-the-shelf software like ANSYS during tax year 2018 should qualify for the Section 179 Deduction of up to one million dollars this year. This deduction has […]

Discovery Live Parameter Study

  Discovery Live added a new feature that allows the users to run parametric analysis using Design of Experiment (DOE). With the new feature, Parameter Study, the user can select either dimensions or loads as parameters, with different values for each parameter, and run a parametric study for its combination. The user can select any design point […]

Thermoelectric Simulation with ANSYS

  ANSYS simulation enables high-resolution modeling of thermoelectric devices.  Through this capability users can determine the resulting temperature distribution, power, coefficient of performance, and more when considering thermoelectric effects.   A brief overview of the thermoelectric phenomena that can be simulated: Joule heating – Heating occurs in a resistive conductor carrying an electric current. Joule heating […]


ANSYS SPEOS is increasing the level of optical simulation based calculation which allows you design your products with optimum optical properties. SPEOS has very compact interface which provides a unique solution for optical design within main CAD design software even for non-optical experts to perform illumination design. SPEOS is widely use in automotive lighting sector, medical […]