Message from the President 

I can’t believe July is gone and we are in August already. Earlier in July, I was at the ANSYS headquarters with other channel partners from all over the world. We were given a preview of R16.2 which will be released later in August and R17 which will be released late 2015. There are so many new capabilities that are being introduced in these versions that thrusts Ansys further ahead of anyone else in the field of simulation software tools. It really is very exciting to see all these new developments which is a result of ANSYS investing back into R&D. Also, watch out for the new product, AIM. On Thursday, August 13, we will be giving a one hour demo of this product to show you its power. You can attend either in person or on-line. Please sign up here: Lunch & Learn: ANSYS AIM Multiphysics Platform

Have a great August!

Message from the Sales Manager



ANSYS Release 16.2


OEI is pleased to announce the release of ANSYS 16.2 with dramatic new technologies in the areas of CFD, electromagnetics, composites, meshing and additional capabilities to ANSYS AIM, the new multiphysics package.

We will contact our customers soon to set up meetings to introduce you to the new capabilities in ANSYS 16.2. The new release will be available for download on August 10th from the ANSYS Customer Portal.

If you are interested and would like to reserve a time slot to learn more about this release, please contact me at:

Casey Heydari

(408) 732 – 4665


ANSYS AIM – Multiphysics for Every Engineer!

ANSYS AIM is an integrated solution for 3D engineering simulation encompassing the breadth of ANSYS physics in a single, modern user environment. The templated and guided workflows enable non-experts to rapidly obtain meaningful results. In addition, customization and scripting tools allow expert users to automate complex simulation solutions for use of non-experts. Here’s some of the capabilities embedded in ANSYS AIM:

  • Structural, thermal, nonlinearity
  • CFD
  • SpaceClaim – the next generation geometry generation and CAD clean up
  • DesignXplorer – Optimization, DOE, sensitivity analysis
  • Template based simulation workflow for non-experts and designers
  • Consistent workflows and user experience for seamless collaboration and reuse of data across Multiple and Multiphysics simulation.
  • AIM is fully parametric and includes the necessary tools for rapid design exploration to evaluate the entire set of operating conditions
  • All aspects of AIM (mesh generation, solution and post processing) take advantage of today’s parallel computing architecture.
ANSYS AIM Overview
ANSYS AIM Overview



I invite you to watch the following video tutorials to see the ease of use of ANSYS AIM for Multiphysics simulation:

ANSYS AIM Demo 1 Video: Thermal Mixer

ANSYS AIM Demo 2 Video: Custom Template

ANSYS AIM Demo 3 Video: Fuse

ANSYS AIM Demo 4 Video: FSI on Globe valve

If you are interested in a live demo, please Contact Me.




optiSLang – The World’s most powerful Optimization tool working with ANSYS


Since market launch in 2002, optiSLang has evolved into one of the leading software solutions for CAE based sensitivity analysis, optimization and robustness evaluation. Due to user-friendly automated workflows, efficient methods and a powerful post-processing, optiSLang provides the basis for your efficient CAE-based Robust Design Optimization (RDO).


optiSLang inside ANSYS Workbench provides the user with a direct integration into the parametric modeling environment of this standard CAE software. Thus, it can be accessed through a minimized user input. The Workbench functionality is also broadened by optiSLang’s signal processing integration. Users are able to implement responses not yet extractable or integrated in ANSYS Workbench, e.g. non-scalar responses like load displacement curves. Alternatively, for integration of ANSYS Workbench projects in optiSLang, an integration node is available.

Download New optiSLang Brochure


Tip of the Month!


Repair Overlapping Contact Regions
For CFD simulations with a large amount of bodies, the automatic contact generation can be a real lifesaver. It can sometimes generate overlapping contact regions, which will cause an error downstream in Fluent or CFX. You used to be able to show these only but in R16.1 these now can be fixed automatically with the Repair Overlapping Contact Regions command. Try it out today!
Tip of the Month!


 3D Component Library in ANSYS HFSS

In ANSYS HFSS, users can create 3D simulation components and store them in library files. The user defined 3D components can be reused and shared with vendors, partners, and colleagues. They can be simply added to larger system designs.  In ANSYS HFSS R16, password protection with encryption feature is added for inserting and updating the components. Adding vendor information during component creation is also a new feature in ANSYS HFSS R16.

By Mehrnoosh Khabiri
Lunch & Learn – ANSYS AIM Multiphysics

August 13th, 2015

11:30AM to 1:00PM (lunch provided)


Join us for this upcoming Lunch & Learn about the new ANSYS AIM Multiphysics Platform! ANSYS AIM, the new ANSYS multiphysics platform, makes it easier than ever for designers to perform multiphysical simulations to account for the many different interactions that increasingly affect today’s products.

Join us for this seminar to see a number of multiphysics simulations covering various applications using AIM. Learn how AIM can help you to simulate fluid-structure interactions and solve thermal-electrical-structural challenges.

Lunch & Learn – ANSYS Meshing

August 27th, 2015

11:30AM – 1:00PM (lunch provided)


Join us for this upcoming Lunch & Learn featuring ANSYS Meshing!

Mesh generation is one of the most critical aspects of engineering simulation. Too many cells may result in long solver runs, and too few may lead to inaccurate results. ANSYS Meshing technology provides a means to balance these requirements and obtain the right mesh for each simulation in the most automated way possible. ANSYS Meshing technology has been built on the strengths of stand-alone, class-leading meshing tools. The strongest aspects of these separate tools have been brought together in a single environment to produce some of the most powerful meshing available.

Tired of waiting for your computer to crunch through simulations? Last December we introduced our new service called OzenCloud to better serve customers who needed additional compute capacity or needed short term licensing on powerful servers on-demand. OzenCloud offers you ANSYS products of your choice on modern computer platforms when you need it!
For those interested we have made an OzenCloud tutorial video you can watch on our website. If you would like more information please visit our OzenCloud page and give us a call. Complimentary 3 day trials are available for those who qualify.


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