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Message from the President 

We just finished a great first quarter! In the first quarter of 2015, ANSYS R16 was released. We added new sections on our website so that you can see, in more detail, some of the new features of R16. Please visit our new section “Industry Solutionswhere we have further tabs for “MEMS”, “Solder Joint Reliability”, and “Fracture Mechanics”. We recently completed a five-week webinar series on the new Fracture Mechanics capabilities in R16. We have already posted the webinar recordings as well as the presentations on the Fracture Mechanics section of our website. There is more to come on this subject. Have a great April!

Message from the Sales Manager


A recent study by Aberdeen Group published in January 2015 demonstrates how companies can dramatically increase their productivity and reduce costs by consolidating their simulation capacity by using fewer number of vendors and build an effective simulation platform based on best practices.
A multitude of point solutions, from various vendors, does not perform as well as an integrated simulation suite. Elevating the selection of simulation and implementing a consolidated platform reduces costs, saves time and enables better design collaboration. This allows a company to efficiently simulate models with high fidelity, optimize for multiple objectives and deploy simulation earlier in the development cycle.
ANSYS products and solutions are best suited for consolidating the simulation process and to establish world class solutions for multiphysics from mechanical, thermal, CFD to electromagnetics within one common modeling environment.
Read the Aberdeen Report here
For further details, please contact me at Ozen Engineering!

Best Regards,

Casey Heydari

(408) 732-4665

ANSYS Convergence Conference

Santa Clara ANSYS Convergence Conference

April 21st, 2015

There’s rich information that’s relevant to you and your business at the ANSYS Convergence Conference:

  • Product and industry tracks tailored to your needs
  • ANSYS software updates, including new features, enhancements and capabilities
  • Tips, tricks and techniques that leverage the power of ANSYS tools
  • Market trends, industry applications and product development
  • Customer presentations providing insight and real-world experiences
  • Access to ANSYS partners offering complementary technology from HPC to specialized and integrated solutions
Ozen Engineering is a proud sponsor of the Convergence Conference and invites everyone to stop by our booth to say hello and see this year’s giveaways!
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Paper of the Month!

“Change of Heart – A new heart valve replacement procedure modeled with multiphysics simulation can eliminate the need for open-heart surgery””

Aortic valve stenosis, a narrowing of the aortic valve, is the most common type of heart valve disease. It affects about 2 percent of adults aged 65 or older. Symptoms of this chronic progressive disease include chest pain, difficulty breathing, and fainting; in some cases, congestive heart failure can occur if the valve is not replaced…

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Tip of the Month!


Doing MEMS (Micro-Electromechanical System) in ANSYS is easier than ever with the

By Kaan Divringi

MEMS ACT Extension. Using the customization functionality of ACT (Application Customization Toolkit) it is now possible to add coupled multiphysics to your ANSYS Mechanical simulations in an intuitive, graphical manner. What was once a regular Modal, Harmonic or Static Structural analysis can now encompass multiple physics types. Check out the MEMS ACT extension today!

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Complimentary Webinar – ANSYS Icepak
April 29th, 2015: 11:30AM – 1:00PM
(Lunch Provided for In house registration)

“Powerful technology for thermal management and cooling systems of electronic components using ANSYS Icepak”


This short course will introduce you to ANSYS Icepak used for rapid thermal simulation of the Electronic Systems. To ensure the adequate cooling of IC packages, printed circuit boards and complete electronic systems, engineers rely on ANSYS Icepak software to validate their thermal designs before building any hardware. ANSYS Icepak combines advanced solver technology with robust, automatic meshing to enable engineers to rapidly perform heat transfer and fluid flow simulation for a wide variety of electronic applications including computers, telecommunications equipment, semiconductor devices, aerospace, automotive and consumer electronics.

Come and Join us to learn Icepak simulation by using:

  • Predefined Objects
    • Cabinets, fans, blowers, PCBs, packages, grilles, opening plates, ducts, sources, resistances, blocks, heat sinks
  • Object Shapes
    • Blocks, cylinders, ellipsoids
  • Thermal Network Modeling
    • Packages, heat exchanges, heat pipes, cold plates
  • Object libraries
    • Fans, heat sinks, thermoelectric coolers etc.
  • Comprehensive solid and fluid material database
  • Parametric geometry and BC
  • CAD Imports
  • Automatic Mesh Generation
  • Automatic Boundary Conditions
  • Flow Modeling
    • Steady State or transient
    • Laminar or turbulent flows
    • Forced, natural and mixed convection
    • Conduction in solids
    • Conjugate heat transfer
    • Radiation heat transfer
    • Volumetric resistances and sources for velocity and energy
    • Joule heating in traces and conductors
    • Thermal network modeling
  • Results Visualization and Reporting

The course will highlight the application of the Icepak thermal management technology in the following areas:

  • Electronic Systems
  • PCBs
  • IC Packages

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April Training – Introduction to ANSYS 
Explicit STR

Introduction to ANSYS Explicit STR: April 22nd – 23rd, 2015


This 2-day course is designed for new users who want to become proficient with Explicit STR in Workbench. You will focus on learning core-modeling skills in this comprehensive, hands-on course. After completing the course you will be well-prepared to work effectively on a wide range of transient dynamics applications.

Each course chapter is followed by “hands-on” workshops and exercises.

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OEI recently introduce a new service called “OzenCloud” to complement our offerings to those customers who are interested in running their simulations in the cloud. OzenCloud will dramatically expand the simulation capabilities with unlimited number of cores, huge storage capacity supporting ANSYS and other partner’s product portfolios. 
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April Promotions

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