Antenna Design for Internet of Thing (IoT)

By 2020, there will be 26 smart devices for every human being on Earth according to one estimate.  IoT will result in an explosion of products with integrated antennas and sensors and world is more connected than ever in IoT age. The number of antennas in our immediate surroundings are increasing every day. ANSYS HFSS offers very advanced features for antenna and wireless designs. Antennas often designed in isolated or ideal conditions. But antenna performance can be very different when mounted on realistic and complex platforms. Antenna radiation distortion, reduced antenna efficiency, antenna to antenna coupling, and multipath fading are just some of the issues caused by the presence of a complex platform with multiple antennas. Using HFSS simulations help engineers to design the antenna and improve integrated antenna performance early in the design cycle within an IoT product.

HFSS is a FEM tool to design and optimize the antenna performance. The new HFSS SBR+ (formerly Savant) shooting and bouncing ray (SBR) electromagnetic field solver can be used to improve integrated antenna performance on electrically large problems such as aircraft, automobile or ship. HFSS SBR takes antenna simulation results from HFSS and provides fast EM analysis of the installed antenna on electrically large platforms.

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