kaan-80x80Want to speed up your ANSYS Mechanical simulations? We all know how we can use hardware , software and the cloud to decrease computation time but how about reducing your engineering time by getting familiar with keyboard shortcuts? In the last few versions, keyboard shortcuts have been added to Mechanical but they can be buried in the documentation or a tool-tip will remind you after you’ve already used it. That’s why I’ve collected them all in one place in a convenient cheat sheet:


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There may be some shortcuts that you didn’t know about here:

Select Mode: Switching from box select to single select and vice versa can be one of the biggest headaches due to the dropdown menu involved. In the graphics window hold down the right mouse button and then click the left, making sure not to move your mouse at all. You should notice the cursor change the select mode. If you’re doing many such operations, this can be a lifesaver.

Triad Shortcuts: There are many view shortcuts that let you access the functionality of the triad from the keyboard too. You can access the same functionality as clicking the axes with your number pad (keys 1-3 and 7-9). These include both the positive and negative direction. You can also go to an isometric view with the 0 key or set it to the nearest isometric view with the dot(.) key.

Selection Filters:  By holding Ctrl and selecting one of P/E/F/B you can switch between geometry selection filters easily. If you switch to the new node or element selection filters (N/M), the lasso select mode will become available to you.

Download it, print it out and tape it up near your monitor to speed up your analysis today!

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