April 29th, 2015: 11:30AM – 1:00PM
(Lunch Provided for In house Registration)


“Powerful technology for thermal management and cooling systems of electronic components using Ansys Icepak”

This short course will introduce you to Ansys Icepak used for rapid thermal simulation of the Electronic Systems. To ensure the adequate cooling of IC packages, printed circuit boards and complete electronic systems, engineers rely on Ansys Icepak software to validate their thermal designs before building any hardware. Ansys Icepak combines advanced solver technology with robust, automatic meshing to enable engineers to rapidly perform heat transfer and fluid flow simulation for a wide variety of electronic applications including computers, telecommunications equipment, semiconductor devices, aerospace, automotive and consumer electronics.

Come and Join us to learn Icepak simulation by using:Icepak4

  • Predefined Objects
    • Cabinets, fans, blowers, PCBs, packages, grilles, opening plates, ducts, sources, resistances, blocks, heat sinks
  • Object Shapes
    • Blocks, cylinders, ellipsoids
  • Thermal Network Modeling
    • Packages, heat exchanges, heat pipes, cold plates
  • Object libraries
    • Fans, heat sinks, thermoelectric coolers etc.
  • Comprehensive solid and fluid material database
  • Parametric geometry and BCIcepak3
  • CAD Imports
  • Automatic Mesh Generation
  • Automatic Boundary Conditions
  • Flow Modeling
    • Steady State or transient
    • Laminar or turbulent flows
    • Forced, natural and mixed convection
    • Conduction in solids
    • Conjugate heat transfer
    • Radiation heat transfer
    • Volumetric resistances and sources for velocity and energyIcepak6
    • Joule heating in traces and conductors
    • Thermal network modeling
  • Results Visualization and Reporting

The course will highlight the application of the Icepak thermal management technology in the following areas:

  • Electronic Systems
  • PCBs
  • IC Packages