ANSYS HFSS Transient Solver

The HFSS transient solver is a 3-D full-wave transient or time domain electromagnetic field solver based on the discontinuous Galerkin method (DGTD). This tetrahedral finite element technique exploits the same automatic adapted-for-accuracy meshing technology that made HFSS the gold standard for accuracy in electromagnetics. Engineers can investigate, extract and visualize fields in applications with pulsed excitations, such as time domain reflectometry (TDR), ground-penetrating radar, electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic interference and lightning. This technology complements the frequency domain solution technology in HFSS by enabling engineers to understand the electromagnetic characteristics of their design in detail.


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Fields through PCB via as solved with HFSS transient.



Differential signal propagating in time through a flexed cable solved with HFSS transient using conformal finite elements.