Ansys Fatigue Analysis


Accurately Assessing the Durability of a Product

Performing a stress analysis only might not be sufficient to assess the durability of a product. When a product experiences complex load conditions including time variations, the simple stress analysis can lead to incorrect critical locations and/or an overdesigned part. An in-depth fatigue analysis must then be carried to correctly estimate the life of a product.

Integrating Fatigue Life in Upfront Simulations

Computing fatigue estimates requires few additional steps once a stress analysis has been performed. Specific material data can be defined by the user or imported from the existing library of materials provided by our solutions. Load variations are defined before the fatigue computation and results are automatically imported from the stress analysis.

Typical workflow for a fatigue analysis

A Leading Solution for Advanced Fatigue Analysis

Based on the nCode DesignLife product, our solutions provide intuitive and easy to use software for performing fatigue analysis of finite element models. The solutions allow for efficient large model analysis and complete usage schedules. A wide range of fatigue analysis capabilities including stress-life, strain-life, multi-axial, weld analysis and virtual shaker table is provided.

Load definitions and result analysis
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