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ANSYS Discovery Live

Instantaneous Simulation Results as Models Are Designed and Edited

Simulation software enables product development engineers to gain insights that were previously possible only through making and breaking expensive prototypes.  However, such software isn’t for every engineer.  It can be 

difficult to learn and master, and often simulation results take time to set up and calculate. But what if simulation could be faster and easier? With its Discovery Live technology, ANSYS revolutionizes product design.  This simulation software provides instantaneous simulation results while you design and edit and enables you to experiment with design ideas for on-the-spot feedback.  These immediate insights make simulation useful and relevant to every engineer for upfront CAE. Discovery Live’s speed and simplicity represents a quantum leap forward in simulation technology, and it enables you to spend more time with answers instead of questions. 


With Discovery Live, you can:

Experiment with design ideas, easily make changes and receive instantaneous engineering insights

Perform 10 to 1,000 simulations in the same timeframe that was once needed to perform just one simple simulation

Simulate on newly created models or any imported CAD file

Investigate more options earlier in the design process and develop new products that get to market faster

Explore all your “what if” design ideas at little to no cost in time and effort

Facilitate breakthroughs and innovations and take your engineering efforts to the 
next level