Ansys AIM

Integrated Multiphysics Simulation Environment for All Engineers

Ansys 16.2 delivers the first integrated and comprehensive multiphysics simulation platform designed for all engineers. This platform, called AIM, is the further realization of the Ansys Workbench strategy to revolutionize engineering processes through Simulation Driven Product Development. .




Simulation Insights Across Multiple Physics

Ansys AIM extends the value of simulation beyond single engineering disciplines by providing a full array of physics in a unified, immersive user platform that is readily deployable across the organization. Whether a multiphysics simulation includes structures, fluids, thermal properties, or electromagnetics, all aspects of simulation workflow are supported in the single-window design, reducing the training and deployment costs typically associated with fragmented tool chains. Moreover, AIM’s all new simulation process paradigm guides engineers through multiphysics workflows while automating tedious tasks to free-up engineering time and resources.But one size doesn’t fill all, particularly for enterprise software, so AIM has been built for customization. Based on the Ansys Workbench platform, AIM’s open and flexible architecture can be easily configured to automate best practices, create specialized applications, or provide designers and inexperienced engineers with access to relevant solver functionality without overwhelming them with choices. This aspect of AIM makes it particularly attractive for groups responsible for simulation deployment and governance. AIM also unifies the customization experience across the physics and workflows, so engineers don’t have to learn a multitude of programming languages and methods to develop custom solutions.

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Process Compression and Knowledge Capture

Repeatable design processes require the automation of simulation best practices, with workflows and simulation definitions tailored to the needs of each organization. Based on the Ansys Workbench platform, AIM allows simulation experts to deploy consistent best practices and automated workflows within their engineering organizations. Any simulation can be used as the basis for a replayable, user-defined template. Custom physics objects and loads can be added to tailor the simulation definition to specific products and processes. Pervasive parameterization of all model inputs and outputs supports rapid exploration of design alternatives and automated design optimization.


High Performance and Proven Simulation Solutions

While AIM’s graphical interface and user experience are new and unprecedented, the underlying solver and meshing components are based on proven Ansys technologies that have been developed and validated over the last 40 years by the world’s most demanding customers. With Ansys AIM, engineers will never have to compromise on speed, robustness, or accuracy. Moreover, AIM has been built from the ground up with high performance computing in mind. All phases of the simulation workflow – preprocessing, solving, and post-processing – take advantage of today’s parallel computing architectures.