Ansys Advantages

Unequalled Depth

The Ansys commitment is to provide unequalled technical depth in any simulation domain. Whether it’s structural analysis, fluids, thermal, electromagnetics, meshing, or process & data management we have the level of functionality appropriate for your requirements. Through both significant R&D investment and key acquisitions, the richness of our technical offering has flourished. We offer consistent technology solutions, scalable from the casual user to the experienced analyst, and seamless in their connectivity. In addition, we have world class expertise for all of these domains, available to help you implement your Ansys technology successfully.

Unparalleled Breadth

Unlike other engineering simulation companies, who may possess competence in one, or maybe two, fields, Ansys can provide this richness of functionality across a broad range of disciplines, whether it be explicit, structural, fluids, thermal, or elecromagnetics. All of these domains are supported by a complete set of analysis types and wrapped by a unified set of meshing tools. Together, these domains form the cornerstones of the Ansys portfolio for Simulation Driven Product Development, and constitute a complete portfolio of unparalleled breadth in the industry.

Comprehensive Multiphysics

A strong foundation for multiphysics sets Ansys apart from other engineering simulation companies. Our technical depth and breadth, in conjunction with the scalability of our product portfolio, allows us to truly couple multiple physics in a single simulation. Technical depth in all fields is essential to understand the complex interactions of different physics. The portfolio breadth eliminates the need for clunky interfaces between disparate applications. The Ansys capability in multiphysics is unique in the industry; flexible, robust and architected in Ansys Workbench to enable you to solve the most complex coupled physics analyses in a unified environment.

Engineered Scalability

Scalability is a critical consideration when considering software for both current and long term objectives. At Ansys engineered scalability means flexibility you need has been designed for your particular needs. Ansys provides you with the ability to apply the technology at a level that is appropriate for the size of the problem, execute it on a full range of computing resources, based on what’s appropriate and available, and finally the ability to deploy the technology within your company’s user community. The result is efficient usage and optimum return on your investment, whether you have a single user or an enterprise-wide commitment to Simulation Driven Product Development. As your requirements grow and the level of sophistication and maturity evolves, the technology from Ansys also will scale up accordingly.

Adaptive Architecture

Adaptive software architectures are mandatory for today’s world of engineering design and development where a multiplicity of different CAD, PLM, in-house codes and other point solutions typically comprise the overall design and development process. A software environment is needed which anticipates these needs and gives you the tools and system services for customization as well as interoperability with other players. Such adaptability is a mandatory requirement and characteristic of the Ansys simulation architecture, enabling your organization to apply the software in a manner which fits with your philosophy, environment and processes. Ansys Workbench can be the backbone of your simulation strategy, or peer-to-peer with other software environments, or Ansys technology can be a plug-in to your CAE supplier of choice. The Ansys commitment to Simulation Driven Product Development is the same in any case.